Special Message Regarding Covid-19

Updated: April 27, 2021


Since the pandemic paused travel to Europe, Italy has been in a dormant state for months, laying low in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. Good news! It seems to be working, and this week they’re starting to gradually ease Covid-19 restrictions. While there is no mention of international travel yet in the Italian government’s recent decree, they are slowly opening up the economy in a cautious manner to avoid a spike in the infection rate. They are also ramping up their vaccination program, which had a slow start. If they succeed, they’ll be able to open up even further in time for their busy summer season. We’re rooting for you Italy – forza!

We’re optimistic about the possibility of travel in September and October of this year and are accepting bookings for 2021.  When it’s safe to travel again, we’ll be ready. Our small group sizes of 8 to 16 people make Andiamo Tours one of the safest alternatives out there. We’ll be sure to adopt the most up-to-date health guidelines available, working with hotels and vendors who consider the health and safety of their clients a top priority.

If you are considering traveling to Italy this fall, NOW is the time to contact Andiamo Tours about joining a tour. Our deposit conditions have been modified to give tour members more flexibility in this new environment, and we will refund any cancelled tours due to COVID 100%, as we did in 2020.

Since these tours are land-only, you’ll be booking your own airfare, giving you the flexibility to arrive early or stay longer if you’d like. If you have frequent flier miles or a favorite airline, you can use them. There are some good deals to be had right now by booking early, and beating the rush of travelers who will book later and drive up prices. Many airlines are making special accommodations during the Coronavirus crisis, so we suggest you get in touch with airlines directly, or you can call us if you need help in booking flights online.

Have heart – Italy will be waiting for our return when we can safely travel. We’ll then be able to continue our mission to give you travelers the trip of a lifetime in one of the most amazing countries in the world.

Feel free to reach me via email or phone with any questions. Be well, and stay safe.


Un caro saluto!  ~ Paola Rubbo

888-313-6380 toll free

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